Schwabe Kindi Range
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Schwabe Kindi Range Details (MRP &Indications) List

Product name

Indication, Size, MRP

Schwabe Anekind

Schwabe Anekind is indicated for anemia, it restores the iron level in blood and stimulates blood circulation. It restores iron level in blood and helps quickly recover from illness  due to its re constituent properties. Size: 10gm,

MRP: 110/-

Schwabe Calciokind Tablets

Schwabe Calciokind stimulates calcium absorption in the body. It improves the metabolism of calcium and consequently reinforces the immune response. Also, this medicine has a favorable influence on the development of the bones, teeth and growth of the child. Size: 10gm,

MRP: 115/-

Schwabe Chamodent tablets

commonly indicated for teething problems in infants and children, it has key ingredients like chamomilla, belladonna etc that acts on teething pains, restlessness, irritated, crying continuously and sleeps badly. Size: 10gm,

MRP: 115/-

Schwabe Colikind pills

indicated for abdominal colic (stomach ache), symptoms are  painful distention (enlarged, swollen from internal pressure), flatulence (accumulation of gas in the alimentary canal), acidity, irritability etc. Regulates digestion, has anti-spasmodic action. Size: 10gm,

MRP: 115/-

Schwabe Enukind globules

indicated to treat nocturnal enuresis (Bed wetting), has regulatory effect on sphincter muscles and psychosomatic sphere to control unexpected micturation (uncontrolled urination). Size: 10gm,

MRP: 115/-

Schwabe Kindigest Globules

indicated for prompt and effective relief from digestion problem in children and restores normal appetite. It effectively relieves burning pain in the stomach which may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting and diarrhea.  Safe and free of any side effects. Size: 10gm,

MRP: 115/-

Schwabe Kindival globules

indicated for sleep disorders and hyperactivity in children. Acts as a homeopathic tranquilizer, has calming effect and favors sleep without any side effects. Does not form habit, non toxic. Size: 10gm,

MRP: 115/-

Schwabe Luffakind tablets

indicated for  allergic rhinitis and pollinosis (hay fever), has active herbal ingredients that bring in immediate improvement (in >90% cases) without side effects, improves immunity in long run. Preventive therapy before polinization period. Size: 10gm,

MRP: 115/-

Schwabe Munostim globules

indicated for immune stimulation and prevention of seasonal problems of children(increases resistance). Can be used together with other specific medicines against cold, flu and against allergies. Size: 10gm,

MRP: 115/-

Schwabe Nisikind globules

Schwabe Nisikind globules is indicated for cold associated with cough, shortness of breath, hoarseness, muscle pain and fever. Acts on respiratory system, reduces cough attack, sneezing, headache etc. Size: 10gm,

MRP: 115/-

Schwabe Rinikind globules

is indicated for rhinitis in children where nasal passages are full of mucous making respiration difficult. It also provides fast relief in cases of sniffles of infants, suffocative cough, dry coryza. Size: 10gm,

MRP: 115/-

Schwabe Tussikind globules

indicated for bronchial catarrh (excessive discharge or build-up of mucus in lungs), chronic and acute wheeze. It is also indicated to treat initial symptoms of the whooping cough and irritable cough. Size: 10gm,

MRP: 115/-

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