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About Willmar Schwabe India

A German pharmacist, Dr. Willmar Schwabe had the motive action to set quality standards for the production of homeopathic medicines. His work and commitment have been a binding legacy for Schwabe Group up to the present day. The institution, the company basically examine every homeopathic remedy for genuineness and purity and sets standards for its quantity, the content, effectiveness, and characteristics of the substances.  The authenticity and the work make the Homeopathic products more potent to be used by Homeopathic Doctors in day-to-day life.

The growing Indian market for Schwabe products necessitated establishing a manufacturing facility in India with the aim to provide standard quality products at affordable Indian prices. The factory of Dr. Willmar Schwabe India Pvt. Ltd. was inaugurated in April 1997. Since then a large product range Of Homeopathy medicines has been introduced in India. 

Keeping in mind the requirements of practicing homeopaths, Schwabe India offers today a wide product range of Homeopathy medicines as follows:

• More than 500 Homeopathy mother tinctures

• Almost 1100 Schwabe Homeopathy dilutions in different potency levels

• 96 drugs in different LM potency

• 80 Low Attenuation Homeopathy Trituration Tablets

• All 12 biochemic medicines in 3x, 6x, 12x, 30x, and 200x in 20 gm and 550 gm packs

• 28 internationally established Biocombinations

• Five Phos 3x & 6x in 20 gm and 550 gm packs

• Alfalfa Tonic for general weakness, nervous tension, and stress

• Alfalfa Tonic for Diabetics

• Alfalfa Tonic for Children

• Alpha range for day-to-day common ailments

• Pentarkan range of products for the management of complex problems

• Kindi range, specially formulated for common day-to-day ailments in children

• Topi range of topical creams/gels for common day-to-day problems, cosmetic usage

• 1x tablets range for lifestyle ailments

Schwabe company is setting a trend of giving the maximum Homeopathy product range for the doctors as well as to common man. Dr. Willmar Schwabe, the German company, is more than 130 years old. Prior to setting up its Indian outfit in 1997, the company used to sell its products in India. Currently, that business continues. As a result, there are two sets of Willmar Schwabe products available in India. 

The company has been a rising hope to the Homeopaths who want to practice with the Schwabe medicines. Willmar Schwabe is a prominent name when it comes to the world of homeopathy. You can buy Schwabe homeopathy medicines, online easily. All Schwabe products are available at the best prices.

Our Vision

To provide a holistic approach to people’s health solutions.

To maintain the genuineness and purity of each and every homeopathic medicine.

To make innovations in tinctures, medicines, cosmetics, and personal care.


To provide high-quality homeopathic medicines by standardizing the industrial production with modern analytical technologies as well as strictly adhering to the rules laid down by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy. 


  • Setting standards for its quantity, content, and effectiveness
  • Maintaining reliability, innovation, and quality
  • Working with industrial generation and modern technologies

Our Commitment

To make homeopathic medicines for each and everyone around the country at a reasonable price.

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Willmar Schwabe India


Willmar Schwabe India

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