SBL Cineraria Maritima Euphrasia eye drops (for eye irritation, opacity of lens)

Cineraria Maritima Euphrasia helps keep the eye free form infections and curb onset of cataract.  These eye drops can be used by diabetic people, is useful in conditions of redness, irritation, watering of eyes. Indicated for opacity of lens, clouding of vision.

Presentation: 5 ml, 10ml,


SBL Euphrasia 10% Eye Drops (for eye strain, conjunctivitis)

SBL Euphrasia homeopathic eye drops indicated for eye tiredness or strain due to long hours of working on a computer and excessive TV watching, Dryness of eyes due to prolonged exposure to computer, Irritation in the eye due to air pollutants, for the treatment and prevention of conjunctivitis. Good for lachyrymation (watering of eyes).

Presentation:5ml, 10ml


SBL Cineraria maritima (10%) for Cataract, opacity of lens

Cineraria maritima is indicated for the clouding of vision, first sign of cataract, corneal opacities, early cataract in patients suffering from diabetes mellitus. Made from quality mother tinctures.

Presentation:5ml, 10ml,